Private Events

Elevate your next event with live music and customized entertainment. Most performances are highly interactive, with a curated set list and the flexibility to incorporate audience requests as they come. Amber also has bookings in which she plays background piano music only, and others where she is somewhere in between. One of the most valuable elements of booking Amber Cole is that she can read the room and adjust the set list on the spot to accommodate. Whatever the event, guests are sure to have a fun, unforgettable night.

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“Amber Cole can entertain a room whether it wants to be entertained or not. She pulls people in and has them singing along, making requests, and changing their plans to come back for her next show. She’s a versatile artist who knows when to pull out a crowd pleaser and when the audience wants to hear one of her originals. I’ve seen her play multiple shows, and it never feels the same as her repertoire is deep and her ability to connect with the audience between songs is powerful.”

Dan Kline, writer for The Motley Fool & cruise ship patron, New York, NY

“I met Amber on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in 2018.  Amber was a featured entertainer with her own piano lounge and bar area on the ship.  She rocked that room every night for a week, and there was standing room only each night until well after midnight.  I was so impressed with Amber’s incredible skills as a performer and an entertainer that I asked her if she would be available to come to Las Vegas and perform for my 55+ community where I live. We worked out the details and in January of 2019 she spent an evening entertaining a group of about 100 people.  The evening was a smash hit, and our small community still talks about that evening almost 3 years later!

Amber’s repertoire of music includes ‘50s through current day hits.  She performs country, rock and roll, and pop hits.  She can sing a sweet tune, and then rock a song like Tina Turner!

She can improvise, in the moment, and can read a room, and then go with the crowd whereever they want to go!  Amber regularly gets a room full of strangers, from all ages, involved in the evening, and before she’s finished, people are dancing and singing along like they just can’t help themselves!  Her energy is infectious… My community would love to have Amber back someday and enjoy another evening of the magic she creates!”

Greg Stevenson, cruise ship patron and Client, Las Vegas, NV

“I first heard Amber behind the piano at Charlie Brown’s and knew immediately she had a special talent for entertaining people. I had a tough time weighing the live music options for an event that I hosted earlier this year. Thankfully, Amber proved to be the best choice! My friends and family still rave about how much fun they had and recount the memories of singing their favorite songs alongside Amber’s leading voice. She graciously performed our favorite requests while including creative, impromptu transitions to keep the energy going. Amber is professional, clean, polite, and names a fair price for her time and talent. If you are looking for something special to take your event to the next level, I highly recommend hiring her.”

Howie, 33, Denver, CO