Mysterious, beautiful, interesting, alluring, untamed, vulnerable and provocative.  This unique mixture of qualities is a great place to start to try and explain exactly what makes Amber Cole such a captivating and endearing performer, on any stage.  She is a powerful new voice with a soul that has wandered the world evolving and discovering her identity.

Amber is extremely bright, sensitive and creative.  She has a deep curiosity and an insatiable desire to learn and grow.  Amber’s voice has a beautiful quality to it, akin to a female crooner, yet she can rock a song as hard as Tina Turner.

Amber grew up outside of Denver, Colorado and started playing the piano and singing at the age of seven.  She began creating original songs by the age of 14.  By the time she entered college, she decided to take a break from music to focus on her education and pursue opportunities to travel.

Amber found her way back to music through performing Lady Gaga’s music on piano.  She began working at a dueling piano bar in Denver and has been a passenger-mesmerizing signature entertainer on Royal Caribbean cruise ships for the four years leading up to the pandemic.  On the cruise ships, Amber honed her unique ability to improvise, entertain a room full of people of all ages and backgrounds, play multiple genres of music, read the interests of the audience, and get the listeners completely immersed in the moment.  She also shows a vulnerable, personal side of her character on stage, which completely draws a crowd to her and makes her a very alluring entertainer who is completely irresistible to her fans.

Amber moved to Nashville in 2019 to pursue a full-time career in songwriting and performing up and down lower Broadway.  The Covid-19 pandemic brought Amber back home to Colorado, where she now continues to write, sing and entertain.